6 rules you should follow to practice safe web surfing.

People who have sat down at my compute to use it on the web discover very quickly that I run a tight ship. I view surfing and the work I do on the web similar to how many people view sex. If I do a lot of it, with a lot of unknown partners then I’m taking on considerable risks; Thus, I have to either protect myself accordingly or I have to not be so promiscuous, and promiscuity is so much funner on the web.

With this mentality though, I’ve been able to avoid a computer virus or spyware for a very long time and I have only a few more complications when surfing the web than the average user. After having to recover friends and coworker computers time after time when they get a virus, and not just viruses they’ve downloaded via trojans, and being worried crapless about new viruses like the bitlocker virus I think it’s time to explain the 6 techniques and tools I use to perform safe computing. Continue reading