Five Books that counter the secular orthodoxy

Is the atmosphere murky? Or is it just me? It’s no secret that the every day social, professional and even personal environments most of us exist in have become  be super-saturated with the secular religion of the religion-less. Despite their best efforts, atheists of the modern age have attempted to sustain a secular orthodoxy built on the false and very unstable premise that Science and the Catholic Faith are somehow intrinsically incompatible.

Rather ironically, and despite a wealth of evidence to the contrary, atheists have elevated their secular orthodoxy from theory to fact, and then from fact to dogma. Unfortunately, they did so without consulting the five books below that make utter hash out of the most common atheistic myths concerned Science vs. Religion.

Myth #1: The Medieval Ages Were “Dark”

Book of Choice: God’s Philosophers: How the Medieval World Laid the Foundations of Modern Science– James Hannam carefully refutes the trend within modern culture to associate the Medieval  Era with superstition and ignorance.  Additionally he addresses the scientific seeds that were planted during the Medieval Era which would eventually blossom to give us incredible scientific thinkers like Galileo and Sir Isaac Newton.

Myth #2: Science is the only method of thinking that provides truth about reality.

Book of Choice: Galileo’s Mistake – Wade Rowland provides both historical context and a thorough analysis of Galileo’s philosophy as he examines Galileo’s infamous trial of 1633.

Myth #3: The popular narratives about Galileo and other scientists being persecuted or at odds with organized religion are true.

Book of Choice: Galileo Goes to Jail and Other Myths about Science and Religion – Ronald Numbers carefully  parses popular fiction from historical fact regarding some of the most prevalent misconceptions and inaccuracies surrounding the relationship of Religion and Science throughout history.

Myth #4: Catholics don’t believe in Science.

Book of Choice:  Roman Catholicism and Modern Science: A History – Don O’Leary attacks the idea that Roman Catholicism is opposed to scientific exploration by providing a clear and exceptionally diverse account of ecclesiastical and scientific communications throughout history.

Myth #5: Faith and Science are Fundamentally Incompatible

Book of Choice: The Last Superstition – Edward Feser systematically dismantles the atheistic misconception that there is currently some ideological and eternal war going on between the Religion and Science.

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