IBM and Apple Team Up – And here’s why we’re excited!

This is huge.

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We here at Panda Rose have been involved with developing for the IBMi and IOS platforms since we opened up shop back in 2009.  We love the power, security and options we get for the IBMi Systems and we love the ease of use and accessibility of IOS apps. We’ve utilized IBMi technology for large, enterprise level companies, as well as for our own business, and we’ve developed some pretty fun apps for clients, including the newly launched Pageqlip app. That’s why we were so excited when both Apple and IBM announced today that that they would be teaming up for IBM to create over 100 enterprise grade-apps for the iPhone and iPad.

From the IBM press release:

IBM Screen Shot


How big a deal is this? Well, it’s being reported everywhere, from medium scale tech trades like The Next and Engadget to heavy hitters like Gizmodo

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