Did HeartBleed affect you? Then donate to OpenSSL to keep it from happening again.

For everyone who heard about the Heartbleed vulnerability. OpenSSL is the foundation that develops this encryption standard used by a very large chunk of the web. Here is a note from them about how many donations they get in perspective to how important they are.

In a typical year the OpenSSL project receives about US$2000 in donations.

This week we have received roughly 200 donations totaling nearly US$3000. Amounts have ranged between $0.02 and $300, and I notice that some individuals have made multiple contributions.

For the larger donations and multiple contributors I like to send a personal note in addition to the canned response message. I apologize for not doing that this week due to the unusually large volume of E-mail correspondence (donations and otherwise).

Please know that these contributions are greatly appreciated, as much for the show of support as the monetary value. 100% of all donations (minus the hefty PayPal fees) will go directly to OpenSSL team members.

-Steve M.

You can donate here if you want your banking, taxes, and other online services to remain secure for the future.