“No, we’re not playing with your toys.”

As my son grows up, I find myself doing the strangest things and having the strangest thoughts, mostly when I try to put myself into his shoes.

For the first 6 months, he was really amazing, when we put him down for the night he’d usually suck on his thumb and be out like a light. Now, I have to be slightly more cautious during those first 2-5 minutes after putting him down, lest he get distracted from his goal of sleeping. Usually, during this time, I go and clean up his toys and put them away.

However, I keep on having the strangest thought when I do it and accidentally set off one of the musical or noisy toys, especially when it really sets him off. If I was him and I heard that, what would I think?

I imagine that in his head mommy and daddy are both outside his door playing with his toys now that he is done with them. That all we do when he goes to sleep is play with his stuff.


No wonder he gets upset! I would get upset too if I was put into a dark room so other people could play with my toys without me there.

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