Sorry for the lack of updates

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Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa. Since my new baby boy has arrived I’ve had lot of interesting drafts, but not enough time to clean them up and get them live for you.  I am hoping in the next week once I’ve caught up on some of the major Panda Rose projects I’m elbow deep in, that I will be able to find an hour or two and get them out.

Lots of interesting topics to come though. For example:

  • “Hope is not Optimism”
  • The Boston bombing, panopticon, police and Reddit.
  • Reflections on 3d printing, and what needs to be done to break through that glass ceiling
  • The hidden propaganda of popular government programs (laws)
  • The false assumption of progress
  • Some interesting graphs and progress on the n = ab = (x-y)(x+y)
  • Some progress on what Average Mutual Information is, and why it may actually be a useful measure of ontology.
  • Liberalism and the Tower of Babel
  • “Business is relationships.”

As you can see, just because I’m not publishing, doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot coming down the pipeline. Hopefully I will be able to get some of the more timely ones out for everyone in the coming weeks.

Have fun,

Panda Waving

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